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Breweries » Brouwerij Roman

Brouwerij Roman

Already more than for 4 centuries Mater accommodate the brewer family Roman, which has transferred always the brewer tradition of father to son. The history of the brewery in the year 1545 started officially.
Beers:  Adriaen Brouwer
Black Hole Lager
Ename 974
Ename Blond
Ename Curvoe 974
Ename Dubbel
Ename Tripel
Gentse Strop
Special Novel
Special Roman
Adriaen Brouwer 33cl   Adriaen Brouwer 33cl
Ename 15cl   Ename 15cl
Sloeber 33cl   Sloeber 33cl
Address:  Europe» Belgium» OUDENAARDE
9700 Hauwaert 105
Province:  East Flanders
Phone:  055 45 54 01
Fax:  +32 55 45 56 00
E-mail:  info@roman.be
Web Site:  www.roman.be

The brewery of the family novel is himself in Mater, at east of the city Oudenaarde. The village, which belongs also now still to Oudenaarde, and the family name finds possibly their origin in the Roman time. The brewery had been, as it happens, lain in that time along the large verbindingsweg of Germany to France. Along this commercial route were themselves to afspanning under the name the Clocke, where the travellers could equip and spend the night. They were possible there horses also their uitspannen, possibly stable and to exchange. These afspanning existed from an inn, a farm, a flour-milling, a malting and of course also a brewery.

Mr Joos novel managed these afspanning. He was bailiff of the region around Schorisse up to the year 1604 and can be considered as a Pater familias of the brewer line novel. The new novel generations names each time the rudder stick concerning. Since then are them 12 generations further and are the cousin profession of then, developed into a head activity. The widow novel Uyttersport gave in the year 1907 the policy in the hands of its three sons: Louis, Charles and Joseph. The brewer tradition remained this way transferred of father on son. Mr Louis Ch.J.Roman became the 12th continuator in straight line and is still the current manager of the plc.

In 1927, brewery novel was transformed to a corporation, of which Mr Louis Ch.J.Roman is now President of the Council of governing board. In 1930, beside the existing bldg. a brand-new brewery which was increased since then with the rule half-measure of the bell, was accelerated. The brewery exists from impressive bldg. around a binnenplein
For the second world war the brewery reached a peak with sale of the bruine ,novel Oudenaards. This terrible production explosion happened under pulse of the three brothers novel. They at the brewery doorheen the two world wars, as a result of which the brewery could develop gradually into a successful company.

After 1945 lay focus on construction of fared market and came conjugate the low fermentation beer Romy lager the product range. Thanks to the production of the Romy lager the turnover figure fell through pijlsnel altitude and knew the brewery a new flowering.

In 1954, brewery started novel with its assortment water and lemonades. Already rapidly Special novel, Christmas Bell followed,…

With the arrival of rascal in 1983, a beer of high fermentation with hergisting on bottle was for the first time incorporated in the range. This industrialization brought novel in an economic flow acceleration to brewery the result being that there a large consecution of new beers, new techniques and new sale techniques arose.

1990 were the year of the successful launching of the Ename abbey beers: Ename double and Ename Tripel. This range abbey beers got strengthening of the Ename fair (1997) and the amber-red winter version Ename Cuvée 974 (2002). This last replaced Christmas Bell, which was then with regard to sale on the way back. The Mater blank beer dates back to 1993.

Finally brewery decided novel in 2003, for bruine beer Roman Oudenaards, with which them as a matter of fact large become was, at herlanceren under the name Adriaen brewer. This way the traditional bruintje of novel new live were insufflated.

The brewery produces novel and commercialises therefore an almost complete range Belgian beers, one for one gebrouwen in a specific and old-fashioned manner.

Source:   www.roman.be

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